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Live Through This

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Today has been… well, a day. There have been some ups, there have been some surprises, and yanno, life. I’ve gamed a fair bit and knitted very little. Smallhausen had a surprise play date, one that was half a surprise to me. E and I were organising sort of, and then she messaged that J & j were heading over…… Read more »

That’s Better (Cry It Out)

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As you can see, the sock is now moving in the right direction after I effed it up last night. At least that’s one thing going in my favour right now. Not going in our favour as of this second is trying again to get Littlerbit sleep trained. We had a specialist in this morning (gratis on the NHS, love… Read more »

Out the Door

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I packed the snoods up with Z today, and sent them to their intended recipient at work. She was delighted, and asked what she owed me. Not gonna lie, I way low-balled myself; I said a minimum of £20, with anything above and over being please and thank you. Still, it wasn’t done for profit, but it’s nice to get… Read more »

New Book Day!

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This in my hot little hands is the latest installment of the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. E accidentally introduced it to me when she bought the third in a charity shop and thought I might like it. I did, though I did have to point out that it was in the middle of a series, and that… Read more »

Mail Call

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Apparently, today was the day I got my head together and got my outgoing mail sorted. I have that parcel to send to a friend in the States, and I also have my absentee ballot to send in. Seeing as how Texas is suddenly being declared a swing state by some people, I felt that I really extra needed to… Read more »

Slowly Forward

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I’ve not done a lot today, which is fine by me. I’ve done some knitting, I’ve taken care of the kids, and I’ve continued wallowing in the ancient fun of the original Civilization. I started the day sort of worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to cope with the kiddos, but Smallhausen stepped up in a big way…. Read more »

Alternate Disco

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Today, we received a text message from the school that the school disco that was supposed to occur tonight was cancelled. We were sad — Smallhausen loves going to the school discos. But apparently, last night there were plenty of Friends who were signed up for it, and suddenly none this morning. Rude. So instead, Smalls came home and announced… Read more »


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Smallhausen goes back to school in a week, so what does Z do? He unpacks our souvenirs from vacation, ha ha. Which is to say, they were in the same location as Small’s new clothing for school, and had to be cleared to get to such. It’s been long enough since vacation that I’ve sort of forgotten what I’d picked… Read more »

And If Yesterday Was Bad…

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Today is legit worse. Like, Texas-hot worse — nudging into the 90s. That’s not British at all, hrmph. So of course, I propose we have Stitch ‘n Bitch outside tonight to take advantage of the warmth… so it’s starting to look like rain. Lulz. ¬¬ Still, at least the heat worked out for one thing — Z got out the… Read more »

It Burrrrrnssss

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So like, out of nowhere, it was scalding hot today. I’ve only been outside once, and that was after five to take something to the bin. My plan of ‘don’t move, stay under the fan’ had once again paid off, ha ha. So of course, I was reminded that we were overdue for a planned picnic, and could we have… Read more »