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wnAL0Fh0 Smallhausen goes back to school in a week, so what does Z do? He unpacks our souvenirs from vacation, ha ha. Which is to say, they were in the same location as Small’s new clothing for school, and had to be cleared to get to such. It’s been long enough since vacation that I’ve sort of forgotten what I’d picked up, though now I’m making up for lost time on getting through the jar of rock candy.

U4mNorBJWe’ve had a good day, I think it’s fair to say (please ignore the incidental rhyming ¬¬). The girls decided that they were going to decorate a box that was in the stack to go into recycling, and that kept them busy enough that I didn’t have the usual non-stop cycle of ‘Where’s Dad? Has he left work? Hide, he’s here! (no he isn’t, not yet). Not that I mind those antics — they remind me of doing the same sort of thing when I was a kid waiting for my parents to get home from work. Really though, I just enjoyed watching them have fun together. We’re going to miss having Smalls around once she’s back in school, though I’m going to enjoy having one less kid to cater to at the same time.

Of course, I was working on my knitting. Slowly. I woke up with my chest muscles in intense clenchy pain combined with a level of vom-inducing quease, so I took some pain meds, prayed, and curled up with the heating pad. Thankfully they stayed down and the pain reduced to something manageable — hooray for OTC codeine. I’m not sure if it’s me overusing my self (possible), or having slept funny (also possible). I keep thinking that maybe I just need to suck it up and see if I can get a prescription for muscle relaxers, see if that unkinks some of my assorted crap.

In the news today is that the European Commission has ruled that Apple owes beaucoup back taxes:

Europe’s ‘unfair’ Apple tax ruling sparks US anger

I’ve got to say, the hypocrisy is thick in this one. The US is whining that how dare outsiders mess with their companies, it’s wrong to meddle and (I quote) ‘and undermine the tax rules of individual states’. Um. UM. This from a country that wants taxes filed and paid from all their ex-pat citizens, even those who have nothing to do with the country but cannot afford to get rid of their citizenship.

But more locally to the US, how about they, le gasp, quit tossing money at rich companies and taxing them properly. Infrastructure is crumbling, cities are washing away, and yet, banks are being rescued from themselves. It’s all just… ugh. I try to not think about it too much because:

A. People are little shits to me about caring about the US enough to call out their problems, because
B. I’m a ‘foreigner’ now. Never mind that I’m also a veteran. Doot doot doot.

Anyways. My brain is going sleepy-fuzzy, so I’mma scoot back to knitting.


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