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One of these things is not like the other…

I realised today that I have been rubbish at leaving the house again lately. With the weather and the kids, I’ve been avoiding doing things like Pokéwalks, instead staying curled up in my chair. I don’t mind per se, but Iunno, it’s sort of good to get out of the house more than once every other week.

Obligatory cuteness

Obligatory cuteness


So when Z mentioned wanting to make a run to the supermarket to get some bits from dinner, I’d initially volunteered Smallhausen to go with him, since he was also supposed to be running his father somewhere. Things worked out that we could all go, which was yay. I had very little luck with Pokémon, but just getting out and seeing things and letting my brain say ‘haha, I need a picture of that‘… is good times. I don’t think that I would ever want to be a professional photographer, and I think that having a ‘proper’ camera would rob the fun of it for me. But dabbling and snapping shots of my day-to-day life? Just about perfectly my speed. <3

What else, what else… Em is coming around to hang out… *eyes invisible watch* right about now, hence getting on this a bit promptly. I teased her that I am happy to be on hand to help her fix her knitting, which got me told off. I couldn’t resist. It’s nice to have a local friend to hang out with though!



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