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I’d commented to Z yesterday (or was it today?) that Smallhausen hasn’t gotten to spend the night at her grandparent’s house this summer, and summer was almost over. So she’s over there now, mwuhahah (etc). Okay, that means we still have the wide awake toddler to hand, but never mind. *chuckles*

I’ve spent today feeling pretty crap, all told. Like, last night when our friends were visiting I had that sort of fuzzy, needing toothpicks to keep my eyelids open sort of feeling. That’s persisted all day. Add in a clingy Littlerbit and like… *waves hands tiredly* I didn’t get as much work-work done as I hoped to, and I thought it was Wednesday instead of Thursday all day.

Really, I’m debating crawling off to bed early, but I’m undecided at this exact second. I’m slowly sewing up the tiny cardigan, which to my bemusement, seems to be more difficult than usual in part due to its tiny size. I guess, also, because it’s for someone not in my immediate family. I feel pressure to do an above and beyond job. It’s not any sort of crushing pressure or anything, just like… this is going to be going out of my home with my label on it. But eh, I’m too fuzzy to feel real alarm.

What else, what else… oh, so. Apparently? I’ve been avoiding news so hardcore since the Brexit vote that I forgot about both Brexit, and that Theresa May is the Prime Minister. It’s sort of sad because I consider it important to keep up with events local, national, and international, but… *waves hands* I’ve apparently hit my limit on how much bad news bullshit I can take. I need to try to get back into it at least for local politics, as Theresa May is bad fucking news. She makes Thatcher look gentle and compassionate… that’s bad. Really bad. This is a woman who believes I deserve to be treated as a second-class citizen because I wasn’t born here. Mind you, I consider it just another reason why I need to get my American citizenship gone and out of my life, but that also requires the money and ability to get my taxes sorted so I can pay the small fortune to have it revoked. Really, a part of me wonders what would I happen if I mailed my passport to the Embassy and said ‘I’m out’ that they would get the point. Bleh.

*wanders off*


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