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Twirl Twirl Twirl

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This head cold aftermath needs to die already, because today I have been swirly-dizzy. Having said that, while Skyping with my sister, she mentioned something about ear popping helping with ear infections. I gave it a go and my head felt like it had exploded. I think it was helpful? I’m still dizzy, but feeling a teense in the right… Read more »

My Day in as Many Words

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I… survived? Survived the day, somehow. The headache BS continues to persist, but at least the kiddos were pretty well behaved and not adding to my distress. Which is to say, nothing caught on fire, Littler got a nap, and I managed to get work-work done. Well, and more Pokémon, but that was a given. I further managed a bit… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

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We are home, and with no puke-based incidents! The littlest slept most of the way between ferry and home, so we managed to put off feeding her until we were safely back on terra firma. I think she was understanding of this, as she tried to sate herself with squash rather than demanding food. But yeah, we made it in… Read more »


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In spite of me being antsy and cranky last night, things were fine. I had a good night’s sleep, got up, and had a nice bath. Clean hair? Awww yiss.    Well, it wasn’t exactly perfect right off either. Myself, Z, and his mother all seem to have been having morning headaches the last couple of days. I almost ditched… Read more »

Death! Death is Coming, Death is Here!

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Now, if I were clever, this would come paired with a screenshot or gif from the relevant episode of The IT Crowd, but honestly? I absolutely cannot be bothered right now. I feel that death, yo. You see, my PokéAddiction means I dragged my spoonie ass, kids, and spouse in a loop around our village to try to take a… Read more »

Holidaze: A Rant of Some Sort

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  Here in the UK, school is on what’s known as a year round schedule in the States. I was weirded out about year round schools when I was a kid, because I felt like people were getting robbed of a ‘proper’ long summer break. Now that I’ve lived in the UK for awhile and had a kid in the… Read more »