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Z was out earlier mowing the lawn. He’s not done it in a bit because either the grass was wet, or he’s been in too much pain. The girls wanted to go out and play with their scooter while he was out front doing it, so I opened the door for them. The light coming through the rotted mortar caught… Read more »

Did a Thing

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Today has followed yesterday in being a day of not doing much. I DID manage the bathing thing though, a fact that my hair is super grateful for. I also got several loads of laundry pushed through, but I’m not going to worry about folding that stuff until like… not today. That I got those two chores done in some… Read more »

Fade Into You

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I’m still tired. And, bemusingly, eating like I’ve not had a meal in days. I had a huge chunk of leftover shepherd’s pie for lunch, and a ginormous kebab + chips for dinner. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. After all, I’ve been ill enough the past week or so that I find myself shaking. That is definitely lessened… Read more »

Not Today, Satan

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Apparently, I am still run over from Saturday. My brain is doing its best to be absolute trash; paranoia and anxiety are spiking for absolutely no freaking reason. Of course, my body is pretty worn out too. Having to fetch the littlest from school in the rain was hard, to say the least. She wasn’t down with it either and… Read more »

Snarkasm for Sanity

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Pretty much the first thing I saw this morning was a message window waiting from bat. There were two words, two words I knew I’d see before I even clicked the window — ‘mom’s gone’. We’ve lost our mother, yo. Not my blood maternal, but the more important built me up and made me feel worthwhile one. I’m still processing… Read more »

The Lady Waits

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Today has been a mixed bag. I woke up and found out that someone had died that was, to me, a problematic person. I knew she was going to die any time for the past decade or so, so her actually dying wasn’t a shock to my system. After all, my stepfather has been terminally ill for like, 30 years… Read more »

No Words, Not Really

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Today was the day the hammer came down. Today was the day we lost Carrie Fisher. As rough as all the deaths of 2016 have been for me, this has been the hardest by far. I’ve called her ‘Momma Carrie’ almost as long as I’ve carried my bipolar diagnosis, and my non-existent bucket list included two things, one of which… Read more »

Finally. Ish.

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As of a few minutes ago, I have started casting off on my dratted/lovely shawlette. I’ve not done the cast off it calls for before, so it’s a bit fussy to do. It probably won’t take as long to do as I think, but at this exact second I don’t want to deal with it either. It also doesn’t help… Read more »

Death! Death is Coming, Death is Here!

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Now, if I were clever, this would come paired with a screenshot or gif from the relevant episode of The IT Crowd, but honestly? I absolutely cannot be bothered right now. I feel that death, yo. You see, my Pok√©Addiction means I dragged my spoonie ass, kids, and spouse in a loop around our village to try to take a… Read more »