Not Today, Satan

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Apparently, I am still run over from Saturday. My brain is doing its best to be absolute trash; paranoia and anxiety are spiking for absolutely no freaking reason. Of course, my body is pretty worn out too. Having to fetch the littlest from school in the rain was hard, to say the least. She wasn’t down with it either and kept stopping to ask me to pick her up. That I couldn’t do, but she was a good sport and continued on after a few seconds of pausing.

Atop that backdrop, I spotted a post on a friend’s Facebook wall. It was from her husband announcing that she had died overnight. She had breast cancer, and complications from that took her out… but at least it took her out at home, and after a lovely Mother’s Day with her children, who loved her dearly. We weren’t exactly close; the most we had in common was online blogging, and daughters who shared an exact birthday. I’d been in denial about cancer’s ability to take her out. She was a super upbeat and happy person, full of optimism in the face of everything. It hit me a lot harder than I thought it would, but it also had a fertile place to plant with mom dying… *checks* week before last.

Ah well. I will do my best to keep my head up. Having said that, if anyone has a magically re-spawning tamale or egg roll, magick it here. I need some proper comfort food, ha ha. I’ll mourn as I need to, but I’ll keep doing my best to be positive and keep my head up, even when my brain is trying to do the polar opposite. *stabs brain with Q-Tip*


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