Silently Judging You

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Well okay, not really, but it seemed the best caption to go with this picture of Poison. Any judging that HAS been done in the house in the past 24 hours have been accompanied by lots of laughs and snarkasm, because Eurovision. It was a good show, we had a good time, and as per norm, not a one of us got the winner right. He came very low on my personal scoresheet, but I didn’t begrudge him the win either.

Today, I’m just tired. Because of Eurovision, I was up much later last night than I normally am. I was definitely leaning heavily on sugar to see me through; I was sorely tempted to bow out partway into the ballot counting period to crash. But I’m glad that I didn’t. And really, it’s one night a year that I stay up too late, and I have a day and change of cushion to try and recover. One cannot complain overmuch about that.

Right, we’ve got Dr. Who to catch up on, so I’m gonna scoot.


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