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Outside Exists

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On today, the hottest day of the year so far — I left the house not once, but twice. I had an order come in last night on my way home from the pub, and then another one pretty much as soon as I had sat down and finished a sandwich after the first trip. Which was fine! I needed… Read more »

Out For Adventure (Sort Of)

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Z was volunteering at the school today, so I had the car to myself. Which was great — it meant that I could go fetch Littler without having to drag her home. Bless the poor thing, she had to keep stopping on Monday to catch her breath because of the heat, and it’s only hotter today. I had discarded the… Read more »

Two Like Glue

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Tonight’s picture comes to you compliments of the girls being silly after dinner. I’m not sure whose idea it was out of the two of them, but they kept the up and down going for a good few minutes. And then Littler topped it off by walking over to me and trying to climb me like one of those climbing… Read more »


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I’ve not gotten as far on attaching buttons to the little cardigan as I wanted to, but that’s in part because I decided to go back and add extra reinforcement to the snaps. It’s probably just a little paranoid on my part, but as I said yesterday — since it’s going outside of my immediate family, I want to make… Read more »