Out For Adventure (Sort Of)

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Z was volunteering at the school today, so I had the car to myself. Which was great — it meant that I could go fetch Littler without having to drag her home. Bless the poor thing, she had to keep stopping on Monday to catch her breath because of the heat, and it’s only hotter today. I had discarded the idea for about a second before I fished it out of the rubbish bin of thought and said ‘Yeah, this is a good idea’, ha ha.

The parking situation on the road the school was on meant I was parked up next to E’s house, which is fine. It’s still much closer than oh, our front door. Plus, it meant that I could consider dropping in quickly and saying hello before heading home to make lunch for the kiddo. As I was deciding whether or not I should drop in, I saw her crossing the road to her gate. ‘Well, I guess she’s home then!’

We weren’t there that long, but then, I try not to impose either. I *was* there long enough to offer her a ride into town, as the construction on the main road meant that the bus service was a bit dicey. She had been planning to call a cab, but pfft. I had keys, so I had THE POWER! Or something. But really, I was glad I could help. Plus it meant that I could get myself some McDonalds and an iced coffee too as a treat; the weather is making me want frappes like woah. I shooshed her and insisted on driving her properly into town, citing the weather as a bad reason to walk an extra mile. Plus, it meant we got an almost sitcom-worthy series of repeat waving goodbyes as I crept past her in traffic. Really though, it was nice to be able to put having the car to good use, and to save her the few bob the taxi would have cost.

To my surprise though, I was completely wiped after getting back. It was a pleasant drive and all, and the little one got herself a nice air-conditioned nap out of it. But I guess it’s just the whole ‘lulz, what stamina’ applying to *everything* in my life. Eh. It was still worth it. Next time I have the car though, I will make the point to stop at Hobbycrack to pet wool.

For now, gonna go watch Lucifer with Z, during which we will probably discuss the merits of him as the 13th Doctor. Z sees it, I don’t, and it’s only a rumour at this stage anyways. And, I seem to recall, his name has come up in the rumours often, so. We’ll see.


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