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On today, the hottest day of the year so far — I left the house not once, but twice. I had an order come in last night on my way home from the pub, and then another one pretty much as soon as I had sat down and finished a sandwich after the first trip. Which was fine! I needed to get a loaf of bread anyways, and Z hadn’t mentioned it until I was about to head out for the second trip. I’m sure I’ll be less fussed with getting them out the second the orders come in once I get a bit more settled into this (presuming success becomes a thing), but for now, it’s still sort of novel.

Today was better on the whole that yesterday. For starters, I had a huge pile of work-work invoices to process, so that kept me busy. I’m hoping for another stack tomorrow, if only for the fact there’s a certain kind of invoice that I need to have been generated before I can make real progress on the next stage of my normal working. We’ll see how it goes, and whether or not I meh and shrug my shoulders ’cause Friday. *chuckles* After all, I can always use the time to make more stitch markers, and ideally, I would like to get a new listing up every day. I’m currently working on a set that may or may not go up tonight, depending. We have The Expanse and Lucifer to catch up with tonight, so focus for doing ‘useful’ things might not be there. After I finish making these, I very well might just switch to mindless knitting. Whatever keeps the hands busy and happy, right? 🙂

Right, I should probably help herd childlings to bed. Enjoy our tulips and bricks, ha ha.


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