Two Like Glue

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Tonight’s picture comes to you compliments of the girls being silly after dinner. I’m not sure whose idea it was out of the two of them, but they kept the up and down going for a good few minutes. And then Littler topped it off by walking over to me and trying to climb me like one of those climbing walls. I responded by throwing her over my shoulder and hauling her across the kitchen. We had a good laugh.

It’s been a good day on the whole. I have to be a bit wary of especially good moods because they could be signs of bipolar mood shifts, but it’s hard to feel anything but great when the sunny-happy bit of it beams through. It also helped that the girls were well behaved and pleasant for the most part, though I’ll need more of that tomorrow when I shift back into work mode. I’m not looking forward to tackling that mess, but ah well. It needs doing, and it will get done one way or another.

Also, the weather was much nicer again today! I had the front window open, and the breeze was just that little bit frosty and crisp. I had to close it back up because the girls were cold, but it felt great to me. It’s supposed to stay in this sort of temperature range for the next week or so, though with rain. Ideally I would like tomorrow to be dry so I can turf the kids out into the back garden for a bit, but otherwise, I’m okay with rain. The sound and smell of it is a very soothing, happy thing for me.

For now, curling up with a cheerfully mindless game, and cheerfully mindless Top Gear. We are rather enjoying this season on the whole — I think they’ve found a good balance of presenters with bring back the fun and joy without the pompous egos that the lads who left for The Grand Tour tend to espouse. I hadn’t realised quite how bad it was until the new show launched, those egos, but never mind.


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