At Least One Thing is Going Right…

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Work today was a disaster — if I could find the missing numbers last week, this week seems to be reinforcing that. I kept my cool about it though, and the plan for now seems to be that I am going to go in on Thursday, sit down with D, and between us we are going to make them beg for mercy. The kids aren’t going to complain, as they get to go hang out with their grandparents.

Speaking of the kids, Smallhausen declared today to be Moo Cow Day; she loves cow everything. She ‘made’ grass out of pipe cleaners, she drew a picture, and she wrote a story. Z and I ordered her and her sister dress-up cow headbands, which will hopefully be arriving in a few days as an early ‘Easter’ present. We’ll see. I added Moo Cow Day to our annual calendar, and maybe we’ll surprise the kids with it next year, see if they remember this year.

As for the knitting… well, it IS going well, but I am having to fudge and pray here and there. I actually dragged Z over last night to count over the pattern with me to see if he was seeing the same error I was (he did). I managed a solution that shouldn’t mess up the pattern, and means that I have the right number of stitches. I think. I’m pretty sure. At least it’s progressing, ha ha.

My first 24 hours of having a Fitbit strapped onto me has been interesting. I confirmed that my sleep is ‘good’ and still unrestful. I’ve looked at my heart rate about a million times, and I rolled my eyes at it not counting a flight of stairs. In short, I’m enjoying playing with my toy. I guess it’s also reminding me to drink ungodly amounts of water, so that’s probably good as well. I’m usually pretty decent about water consumption, but I’m worse when it’s cooler. We’ll see if it lasts, and that if it DOES last, that it isn’t backed by some severe OCD (like, actual factual, extremely detrimental OCD obsessions).

Anyhoos, gonna drag my corpse off and like… get some ice cream or something.


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