2.5 Years

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After 2.5 years, the new curtains are finally up at both ends of the lounge. Z got them hung as part of a tidying project we’d assigned ourselves for this weekend, which was getting those up ,and getting rid of some of the toys under the desk that the girls hadn’t played with in years. We found some missing stuffed animals (happily reclaimed by the small ones), but really, managed to get the huge stack of crap that was on the desk stacked under the desk. There are still some things that need sorting, but this end of the room looks so much freaking better for our efforts.

We also flipped the fans from suck to blow, as today is the hottest day of the year so far. This house holds heat really well, but it also has windows in all the right places to get a nice breeze through if there is one. So fans + breeze = nice day inside for the most part. It’s supposed to be a lot colder tomorrow, because I would move to a country as weather-obsessed and weird as my native Texas, ha ha. That’s fine, I’ll just like, put on more clothing or something.

I also, jazz hands, managed to get a bath crammed in. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to manage after using up spoons to go out with the family yesterday, but I guess the lure of clean hair won out, ha ha. Well, and if it’s done, I probably won’t have to do it again until next weekend, which will make trying to cram in a top-up bath before Thursday easier to manage on my brain.

Right, I think I am going to take a deep breath and attempt the next row of my knitting. xD


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