Natural Light

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Z needed to go to the garden centre to get some weedkiller, and as is his wont on a weekend, he’d planned to take the girls along so they had an outing. To our mutual satisfaction, I was feeling up to coming along and helping herd the kids, if only just. We also wanted to look at the garden sheds, as Z’s mother is looking to get herself one. Well, not a shed exactly… gazebo? My mind is failing me in recalling the exact word. She just wants something nice down the garden that she can hang out in during a lovely day. Plus, small children love running in and out of said sheds; I seem to recall Smallhausen declaring it to be the most fun ever. Sure kid, as you say. Me, I was definitely ogling some of the ones that were in the garden office chic, because not gonna lie, I love me the idea of having a sunny shed to hide out in with all my gaming and crafting things. Maybe some day we can stick a conservatory on or something, ha ha.

Me chilling out in a swinging chair, and the kids sitting in one of the garden sheds

Past that, I’ve spent the bulk of the day trying to get the first section of my current row of knitting fixed. I’d messed up something, so I was trying to bodge a repair, enough that I could get to the main repeating part of the pattern with it matching. I sort of managed *something*, and maybe it was even something near to right. Who knows. As long as I make it to the end of the damn thing with it mainly matching, I will be a very happy person.

Anyways, wish me luck on that!


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