Finally. Ish.

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IMG_20160826_212839 As of a few minutes ago, I have started casting off on my dratted/lovely shawlette. I’ve not done the cast off it calls for before, so it’s a bit fussy to do. It probably won’t take as long to do as I think, but at this exact second I don’t want to deal with it either.

It also doesn’t help that I’m completely drained from finding something out today — one of my former Bipolar Blogger Network bloggers died. She had died been murdered by stigma last year shortly after pulling her blog, but it was only today that one of my best friends spotted it on the news. I’m just… I’m angry, and sad, I feel hopeless, and like… I wish I could find a way to offer succor to her family. I’d talked to her maybe a couple of times via email, but as me evaluating a blog entails reading pretty much every single post on it, I felt like I had a good grasp on the sort of person she was. So yanno, if any of her family find my blog posts and that she was cared for even by those who barely knew her… well. Hi. *waves*

IMG_20160826_151409265Still, it’s been a good day for the most part. I had invited my friend Em and her son over; her son is Smallhausen’s best friend and I should try to think up a clever nickname for him. I hadn’t told Smalls and Littler about their friend coming to play, so they had a nice surprise. We still had the paddling pool up from earlier in the week, so they had fun getting wet and being loud. The adults had fun sitting in the shade. Or well, Em and I did — Z was herding and gardening and in general adulting harder than 20 adults combined. I also had the ‘duty’ of explaining Em’s knitting to her. For my sins, I taught her how to do it a couple of years ago because she’s a fellow leftie, so I get to ‘rescue’ her here and there. I smile, because she’s bolder than I in diving into projects, and her competence is pretty solid once we’ve worked out what she is supposed to be doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she outstrips me, but we’ll see. For now, it’s just nice to have someone super-local that I can knit and chat with, a friend I certainly didn’t expect to have but am glad to.

Ugh, that’s more words than I expected. Woo or something. I’m going to try to cast off a few more stitches before escaping to bed.


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