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IMG_20160825_203221732Knitting is… slowly progressing today. I keep distracting myself with silly things like kids and work and games, ha ha. Naw like, kids and I made it through the day alive, work got worked, and I’ve made more progress on my knitting today than I probably have in a single day in awhile. And I intend to pick it back up when I’m done here. After all, I’ve yet to test out my gorgeous new shawl pin on an actual shawl, so… goals or something.

The weather has continued to be gross without relief. The clouds were forced to leak some wet today, but that didn’t come with winds or noise or light. Funny how noise and lights are really bad anxiety triggers for me, but when Mother Nature brings it on, I’m all about it. It’s a mystery for a day when my brain is actually turned on. Right now it’s just sort of foggily doot doot dooting onwards, which… [[insert clever observation here]].

Anyways, that’s about all my brain is willing to offer right now, so there you go. DORD!


2 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Doris

    Talking of lights and such, I had to get new glasses due to age (my prescription changed drastically in the last 30 months) and when ordering, I was offered a tint that is specifically for use with computers. It wasn’t available last time I ordered but I wonder whether, given your sensitivity, it might be something worth looking into?


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