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fYNM5F7TAs probably comes as little surprise, my shawl is now complete. I haven’t gotten a fix on how I desire to wear it, but at least it’s there and pretty and chilling out on my desk. I’ve moved on to starting into the baby things I’m making for my sister’s forthcoming progeny, though I’ve already had to restart once because derf-face me didn’t read a line of the first couple and missed required increases. Whups. Having said that, if I’m going to make a mistake, I sort of prefer to do it at the front rather than having to pick back bit by bit. Frogging something is just… so fulfilling sometimes.

Outside of knitting and requisite gaming, I’ve just been enjoying the weather. The sky finally properly opened up, so the air isn’t like taking a sticky shower. There was even a few peals of thunder, which is win. Smallhausen always grins in excitement for me, and asks if it reminds me of my childhood growing up in Texas. Yes dear, it does, and thank you for sharing your excitement with me. She’s a pretty darn empathetic child, and I admire her for it. It’s a rare gift and I want to do my best to nurture it.

Included for my own amusement

Included for my own amusement

A gift I’m not up to nurturing, however, comes at the hands of clever Littlerbit. She can open the biscuit drawer and extract treats. And while she is not greedy and only nicks one at a time, we are doing a miserable job of remonstrating her, because it’s just so freaking hilarious. The battle plan is to take advantage of the fact we’ve got a proper outdoor-door between the house and the kitchen to keep her out… yanno, until she gets that tiny bit taller and whips open the door. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later, because she is a clever cogs. And she knows she’s stretching the bounds of our approval — her little cheeky grin says all.

Um. Gonna go back to knitting. *nodnods*


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