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OP5oKRUE There’s been two or three sorts of progress today, hee hee. First off, I have given up on HeartGold for the moment and moved on to another Generation IV game, Pearl. I have never actually played Diamond/Platinum/Pearl before, so hopefully it will cooperate. I had really been looking forward to working my way up the games properly, but never mind. Maybe I’ll just bust out the old GBC or an emulator to get my Generation II fix on.

I also managed to kick my butt into doing some chores. Or at least, a vague attempt at chores, ha ha. I rescued Z’s seat at the dinner table, which had become overgrown with random crap. I also made myself work on getting some more of the laundry through. I’d been really freaking rubbish about it since getting back from vacation.

VJo2etpMI’ve also been busting butt on knitting. I always forget just how quickly baby things knit up. I’m most of the way through a cardigan, which is the ‘big’ thing I was going to make. I expect that I will be able to finish it tomorrow, then it’ll be on to either the hat, or the booties, or whichever one or both. I also have in mind to make a little scarf to go with it, but I won’t be the only one. I ordered some wool and needles for Smallhausen, who toys with learning to knit all the time. She’s really close to cracking it, and I think her excitement at making something for her cousin-to-be will spur her into taking trying a bit more seriously.

Blargh, there was something else in my head, but it escaped. So it goes.


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