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So like, out of nowhere, it was scalding hot today. I’ve only been outside once, and that was after five to take something to the bin. My plan of ‘don’t move, stay under the fan’ had once again paid off, ha ha.

IMG_20160823_121805 So of course, I was reminded that we were overdue for a planned picnic, and could we have it today. Sure kid, why not… but not outside in the deathstar’s rays. So we cobbled together a little tent from assorted stuff in the lounge. Man, I remember that I used to be better at this. Maybe I need to make use of brooms or something? Smallhausen tends to avoid doing things that she’s not competent at, so I had to ‘help’ her by doing it. Whatever. They had fun, and it only ate a little bit into my work time.

Yeah, not being the weekend, the dreaded work thing reared its head. I didn’t end up getting super-much done, but that’s okay — what I did get done was months overdue on being done. And really, anything is progress in the right direction as long as it IS progress.

IMG_20160823_124703602_HDRWhat else, what else… oh yes, my wool came in this morning. I had a bit of a laugh because it came in so early that I didn’t even have time to check the tracking to see if it was en route to us today. That’s one reason I love ordering from LoveKnitting — orders come super-fast and tracked. I still like Deramores and other online shops too, but which site I prefer honestly varies from project to project. Plus also, I guess I sort of like to browse. I’m amused, as I definitely am not a fan of browsing for things in general; while Z will do such for the best deals, I’m a bit more grab and go. I guess wool is my exception because it can get very expensive very quickly if you’re not paying enough attention. But this… this was a good price, is 100% pure cotton, and (most importantly when the subject is a baby) machine washable. It’s taken all my effort to not dive into the projects I bought it for, but I should probably make myself finish at LEAST one of the shawls first. I already have too many projects on the go, ha ha. I promised myself I’d never be that knitter, but trying to do too many things for the holiday (which has now passed) sort of made me a liar of  myself.

Anyhoos, I should look at the knitting that needs finishing… if I can ignore Pokémon. *whistles* I’m still fighting with HeartGold to get my game on, which does apparently seem to be a super-common thing. Sigh. And yet, I’m masochistic enough to do it… until they come out with a digital version in the Nintendo store, sparing me the pain. ¬¬


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