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Emergency Buttectomy

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What you see here is the back of Shirley the Sheep. We bought her as a Christmas present for Littlerbit’s first Christmas — because we thought it was hilarious to buy her a plush toy big enough to ride on. Her tail had gotten ripped off at some point in the past *mumble mumble* months, and has been sitting on… Read more »

Not Exactly My Forte

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First things first — I finished my socks last night, as I thought I would. I think I am going to debut them tomorrow, as they would look grand over a pair of black leggings. Secondly, as my cool-down project, I decided I would finish the poor mouse that has been languishing on my desk for… well, quite some time… Read more »

Mana From the Heavens

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Yeah I know, it’s ‘manna‘, but mana is magic and a good rainfall after waiting for ages is magical. The weather has been much nicer today, though it did amuse me how it seemed to have universally tricked parents. When I went to get Littler from school, I took coats for both of them because they’d gone in without, and… Read more »

Progress in Motion

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Today, the glorious racket outside continued as the BT Openreach team continued to get the cabinet on our street installed and upgraded. I’m not exactly sure what they were doing, but it required them digging up part of the road (again). They were repaving it when I went to get Littler from school, and on the way back. I smiled… Read more »

Long, But Good

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It has been a very, veeeeery long day. The tl;dr is that I found frames that I like, and that at least one pair will be ready for me on Monday. So that’s a relief; I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them in time for driving Wednesday of next week. And it turns out that my… Read more »


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I have somehow survived another day home with the kids. Heh, that makes the situation sound a lot worse than it was. They’re good kids who love to play with each other, but I keep having this stupid persistent throbbing headache, and it doesn’t mesh well with boisterous babes. I pulled Smallhausen over at one point and gave her hugs… Read more »

That’s Better (Cry It Out)

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As you can see, the sock is now moving in the right direction after I effed it up last night. At least that’s one thing going in my favour right now. Not going in our favour as of this second is trying again to get Littlerbit sleep trained. We had a specialist in this morning (gratis on the NHS, love… Read more »

Spotted on Facebook

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Today’s featured images comes compliments of my friend Lyxia; she made it her Facebook cover photo and it made me smile. It is an understandably rough day for a lot of people with the end result of the Presidential election, so I’ve been doing my best to find little things to keep my spirits up. I also had something very… Read more »

Alternate Disco

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Today, we received a text message from the school that the school disco that was supposed to occur tonight was cancelled. We were sad — Smallhausen loves going to the school discos. But apparently, last night there were plenty of Friends who were signed up for it, and suddenly none this morning. Rude. So instead, Smalls came home and announced… Read more »


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I have spent all evening processing the wool I came home with yesterday. And by processing, I mean entering everything into a spreadsheet, because I’m that big of a nerd. But now I know exactly what there is with only one or two question marks, and there’s a lot of goodness in there. there’s also some degree of faffy wools… Read more »