Emergency Buttectomy

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What you see here is the back of Shirley the Sheep. We bought her as a Christmas present for Littlerbit’s first Christmas — because we thought it was hilarious to buy her a plush toy big enough to ride on. Her tail had gotten ripped off at some point in the past *mumble mumble* months, and has been sitting on my desk waiting to be reattached. I will, hopefully, do that shortly.

The tipping point for finally bringing her downstairs to attend to was that someone, or someones, had been yanking out great big fistfuls of her stuffing and leaving them around the upstairs. So what you’re seeing here is the gaping hole patched, and the tail put on top to remind me to do it. *moves skein of thread to where I’m more likely to see it* Yeah okay, it was a bit annoying to have to go harvesting ‘wool’, but ah well. It could have been worse.

And really, I’m not complaining — it’s repairable, and to be expected. With three under-fives under the roof today for a play date, I was certainly expecting chaos and havoc. And there was, but it was good and fine. The three of them had a good time, Ja and I had a good time, and we’re plotting to do it all again soon. So far, she continues to strike me as as genuine as she has since the first time we chatted in passing years ago. I think she’s going to be a good addition to my village circle of friends.

And of course, roping her into knitting as well, as she is also a knitter. She missed out on a fantastic night last night. The weather was perfect for outdoor knitting, so outdoor we did. It was a fairly small group of seven, and it was a pretty good atmosphere. I ended up working on my little mouse, who I might try to finish off tonight for tomorrow. Ja suggested I donate them for the school tombola, and donations are due in tomorrow to ‘pay’ for the children’s Mufti day. If not, the plan is to drop off one of the jars of nice coffee we have stockpiled, as we don’t have alcohol as an option.

Right, back to crafting.



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