Mana From the Heavens

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Yeah I know, it’s ‘manna‘, but mana is magic and a good rainfall after waiting for ages is magical. The weather has been much nicer today, though it did amuse me how it seemed to have universally tricked parents. When I went to get Littler from school, I took coats for both of them because they’d gone in without, and the rain was just starting to spit a teeny bit. The other midday pick-ups all had coats with them as well, so I felt less sheepish… not that I felt THAT sheepish, mind you. It’s not like any of us are weather mages. Hrm… *tries to think of a cute way to tie that up with mana and fails*


It was nice to catch up with Ja, since we missed each other in the week. We’re pretty determined to make sure playdates and hanging out happens, which is yay. I teased her that if she didn’t know how to knit, she’d leave having learned. It turns out that she already knows, ha ha. So we might well have a third for our carpool party on a knitting night — we’ll see! I dropped E a line to let her know, so we’ll see what she says. I can’t see there being any problems though, since she was responsible for me and Ja hooking up on Facebook in the first place.

Otherwise, been basically doing my Monday thing — gaming, knitting, and zoning out. I do sort of look forward to tomorrow and work though, if only because I don’t have to go anywhere. *chuckles* Not moving is goooood.


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