Long, But Good

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It has been a very, veeeeery long day. The tl;dr is that I found frames that I like, and that at least one pair will be ready for me on Monday. So that’s a relief; I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them in time for driving Wednesday of next week. And it turns out that my broken glasses? Apparently, my eyes have actually gotten better since I got those. It’s why I was having so many headaches probably, and why text seemed oddly attenuated. Fingers crossed all goes well, eh? The top frames are for my normal glasses, and the black for sunnies. I’m going to be so freaking adorable.

We also spotted a great sight when we were pulling out of the street — the corner being torn up. Trust me, it’s a good thing. It means that the internet is about to get faster. We knew that a cabinet was supposed to be going in soon, but we had thought last month. Better ‘late’ that never; the other side of the village was done a few years ago, so late indeed. We’ll happily stick with BT for the interim, but when Virgin rolls back in… totally gonna switch. Virgin was very good to us indeed back when we were in one of their areas.

Now, we left the house around 11, and didn’t get back until closer to 6. That’s a looooooong day for my crippled ass, and included more walking than I’ve done in a bit. I’d grumbled to Z that I’ve become front-loaded enough again that it angers my back (a problem that I’ve not had since I was pre-kid skinny + tits). But it was good. It made me think that I should think about my posture. It used to be good, but I think it’s gone a bit crap lately. We’ll see.

For now, gaming and zoning out.


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