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Today was the first day of half-term. And as it is during half-term, Smallhausen always reminds me that she wants her nails painted. She can’t have them at school and she takes after me in loving having a splash of colour on her fingertips. I usually sort of muttergrumble and forget to do it, but this time I sucked it up and made sure that we got-it-done. She had the light green on the end with another similar shade on her fingers, while the other two she applied herself to her toenails… and her toes. *chuckles* It was a first attempt and I suspect I’ll be teaching her how to remove it later this week. I just couldn’t at that junction because I thought Z would be home shortly and I wanted the house to air out so his face didn’t die.

But yeah, good day with the kids. Nails were done, I organised a seeeeekrit craft project, and they had a good time playing together in general. That included them playing Rocket League. In spite of Littlerbit having little to no idea how to make her car go, her team still managed to beat Smallhausen in one game, to my vast amusement. But really, she was just happy to be playing with her big sister. I am constantly in love with how much they love and like each other. I’m not counting on it being a life-long thing, and I will do my best to not force them into each other’s company, but I can celebrate how sweet it is to see. Obvs, they fight and occasionally try to murder each other, but that’s just all siblings, ha ha.

Tomorrow, they get grandparent time, and I get to go into the office. Woo. *rolls eyes and waves tiny flag* Well. It’s more we’re going into town for our eye appointments, and it makes sense to clock a few hours. And since it’ll only be me + Z + D, it’ll be quite tolerable (Z only drags me in when annoying-ass A isn’t in, for which I am grateful). He thinks that we might be able to get the glasses place to do a temp fix on my broken ones to last me until the new ones come in next week. We’ll see. I’m not counting on it.

Now, off to watch some Murphy Brown. Slavo bogu, things are back to situation normal enough with the children and sleep that we can get back to our watch-through after two months! Bliss.


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