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14947700_10154147998238196_5499050763646933034_nToday’s featured images comes compliments of my friend Lyxia; she made it her Facebook cover photo and it made me smile. It is an understandably rough day for a lot of people with the end result of the Presidential election, so I’ve been doing my best to find little things to keep my spirits up.

I also had something very what the hell happen today. I won’t go into details, but *someone* decided to concern-troll about the state of our house and how we treat our kids. 99% sure it’s the old lady next door who hates noise getting fussy because, god forbid, kids make noise. I’m not impressed. I was super-polite to the woman who had to call on the anonymous tip, as was Z. We had nothing to hide, and we made sure she got it by sacrificing the half hour gap she was intending to take between calling me and him. We didn’t need to get our stories straight, as yanno, no stories to get straight. But really, we don’t entertain that often, and I am confident that no one who actually spent time here with us would have had such bs things to ‘be concerned’ about. *shakes head*

On the upside, it annoyed me enough to do some rage-cleaning? #brightside And it reminded me that I wanted a magazine rack for the bathroom, so we’ve got one ordered. Bonus: it is also a toilet roll holder! #morebrightside


I managed to finishg up on 4,032 words by the time I went to bed last night, which meant my total this morning was 39,157. I have just over 3,000 to add to that as of current, and hopefully I can pull that up to 4,000+ before bedtime. So either way, I’m going to be sitting at 42-43k, and the very real possibility of having this in the bag by the weekend. I’m chuffed. And I’m sure that my brain will be grateful to be done with having to eke out so much wordage. But it’s good too. Any time I complete NaNo, whether it be ‘real’ or ‘fake’, I feel accomplished. It feels a bit easier each time to rise to the challenge. I love knowing that my efforts are causing an improvement.

Anyways, I’m going to curl up with a can of root beer and some Dave Gorman. Ta ra!


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