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Adventure Time

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Today was one of those days where we had plans to go out for one quick errand, and we ended up being out half the day. Whups. You see, we needed to get a new toilet seat. The one upstairs started breaking mumbelty months ago, and finally finished biting the bullet last night. Which meant that whelp, the procrastination time… Read more »

Job Done

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As of today, I can report that my Pokédex is properly, 100% complete… as of the last generation of games, Generation VI. I still find it funny that I found it easier to gather 721 Pokémon, to include all Mythicals, than I did the original 151. Having said that, the Global Trade System and Wonder Trade functions in Generations VI… Read more »


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I have spent all evening processing the wool I came home with yesterday. And by processing, I mean entering everything into a spreadsheet, because I’m that big of a nerd. But now I know exactly what there is with only one or two question marks, and there’s a lot of goodness in there. there’s also some degree of faffy wools… Read more »

Tick Tick Tick

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I survived today, so have a picture of Smallhausen’s new reading timer. It was a pretty good day all told, never mind I woke up in a lot of pain from sleeping in the wrong bed and getting my head all janked around. I woke up having a big pile of things that needed to go through the wash because… Read more »

It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year

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At the end of last week, we had the worst, but most expected text message of any new school year — someone in the class has head lice. Fuck. So of course, that means checking the girls. And, of course, both seem to have a few bits of grodity. Sigh. I’m sort of relieved though, because seeing something means I… Read more »

Moving On

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As of today, I can declare my green top completed. The knitting is done, the sewing in is done; the only task remaining is to sew in one of my made by me labels. I’ve got it tucked up on my desk to do tomorrow ’cause I cannot be bothered today. Instead, I’m working on trying to finish off my… Read more »

Boots Don’t Lie

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Well, they actually do, sort of. They would indicate that I was feeling well when heh, nope. I’ve been assaulted by spinny-heady stuff that made me think a migraine was coming on.  My back caught in a really severe sort of way, and too early for me to take anything for it (though I have now). I actually even thought… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

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We are home, and with no puke-based incidents! The littlest slept most of the way between ferry and home, so we managed to put off feeding her until we were safely back on terra firma. I think she was understanding of this, as she tried to sate herself with squash rather than demanding food. But yeah, we made it in… Read more »

Holidaze: A Rant of Some Sort

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  Here in the UK, school is on what’s known as a year round schedule in the States. I was weirded out about year round schools when I was a kid, because I felt like people were getting robbed of a ‘proper’ long summer break. Now that I’ve lived in the UK for awhile and had a kid in the… Read more »