Boots Don’t Lie

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img_20160921_182652905Well, they actually do, sort of. They would indicate that I was feeling well when heh, nope. I’ve been assaulted by spinny-heady stuff that made me think a migraine was coming on.  My back caught in a really severe sort of way, and too early for me to take anything for it (though I have now). I actually even thought about messaging E and begging off going to Stitch ‘n Bitch tonight… except it’s her plus one expecting a ride. Now, she’s cool for cats and wouldn’t hold it against me if I cancelled on her, but I don’t want to either. So I’m dragging myself out by the skin of my teeth, cool boots, and shiny socks. Can we do it? Sort of kind of!

At least I’m going on the back of a mainly good day, physical health being crappy aside. Littlerbit is about back to her proper daytime routine, which means she’s happy, and I’m productive in a work sense. Of course, everything gets janked up a bit tomorrow because she has her 27 month check. As I said to Z earlier — my main concern is that I woke be able to get her up and moving fast enough to get lunch in her face before the appointment. Maybe we can pack a snack for her to eat while we are there and then give her something later/on the way home. Waking her up ahead of time isn’t an option — that just leads to a sobbing toddler for the duration of the rest of when she should’ve been sleeping. Ah well, whatever happens happens and we’ll just have to roll with it. I’m hoping the daddy is home! factor will make it easier on all of us.

Right, back to getting my bag packed for tonight!


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