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The State of My Soul

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My new GPU came! I was excited, and got cracking on installing it… except what should have been an easy install broke something and I can’t figure out what. I and Z spent a few hours trying to figure out what the deal was, with no success. I think that we’re going to have to resort to asking our old… Read more »

The Tiniest Kidnapper

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Smalls insists that Littler was trying to kidnap her here. I’m not sure how that would actually work, even accounting for how strong Littler is. Still, it was cute, so slap a few stickers on it, and it’s brutally kawaii, ha ha. I’m feeling really anxious today for some stupid reason. Yes, I have the LEEP/LEETZ tomorrow, but I am… Read more »

That Was Unexpected

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Z commented that the sky was falling, and that it looked like big fat raindrops. So I go to the window, and nope, it’s totally hail. And, it turns out, it was highly localised. I had friends reporting in from other parts of town with clear skies and not a drop of rain, so I don’t even know. *chuckles* I… Read more »

Still AWOL

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Alas, that is not my laptop — that is my tablet. My laptop is still in the shop awaiting repairs. Z popped in on the way home today and confirmed that yes, the fan is knackered and needs replacing. They also confirmed that they want to get that done before further checking anything else, since the overheating was the main… Read more »

Surprise (Ew)!

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Yes sorry, I know, keyboards are disgusting. Mine is even worse ’cause cat fur and assorted dust and crumbs, ha ha. What I didn’t expect to find in it was one of my missing screws. It had jammed itself in such a way that using either the 7 or the 4 on the number pad caused the two keys to… Read more »

Blessedly Quiet

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Z has a meeting tonight, so I had bedtime duty all to myself. And I’m mean — I don’t read stories or let them mess around for ages. I’d *like* to be able to read stories, but the pacing in children’s books is really awkward for me and I start choking on my teeth because of course. Having said that,… Read more »

Life is Like a Box Of…

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Socks. Unsorted Socks. Esquire. But it’s apt after a fashion — it’s a colourful mess of random trying to find a match, preferably that doesn’t have any holes. Or wait, holes are… never mind, I’ll just worry about sorting them rather than philosophisin’ over them xD. My laptop has needed to go in to get looked at for some time,… Read more »

You Can Buy Knife Anything!

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Knife sword, knife pineapple… knife kitchen towels?! I was at Stitch ‘n Bitch, as I am on my alternate Wednesdays, which I’m sure all of you have clocked by now ’cause I mention it every time. One of our regulars had brought a cake, and had brought paper towels to hand it out on, and a knife to cut it… Read more »

Rude-Ass Computer

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  I woke up this morning to my husband gently telling me that my desktop had shit the bed overnight, and what he was going to do about it. Good man, risking my wroth by trying to do something to help me. But also, fuck — this has been a bit of an anno horribilis for me and my computers…. Read more »