You Can Buy Knife Anything!

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Knife sword, knife pineapple… knife kitchen towels?! I was at Stitch ‘n Bitch, as I am on my alternate Wednesdays, which I’m sure all of you have clocked by now ’cause I mention it every time. One of our regulars had brought a cake, and had brought paper towels to hand it out on, and a knife to cut it with. I just happened to sit down at the business end of the knife, and it amused me for some reason. So la, share in some of my amusement.

It was a good night all told. There were some loud Slavic fellows that almost had me sassing them out in Russian (even though they were probably Polish), but we had a bigger group than anyone expected, but not too big. It was friendly and cozy. I was also pleased that I was able to hand out the rest of the stitch markers I had intended to give away, and that everyone got to leave with a bag of them that didn’t get some last week. I told the crocheters (who also knit, but not as much) that I intended to make some crochet markers as well, ones that open, so keep an eye out for those, etc.

I needed the good night out, I have to say. Getting away from my laptop was a good thing, as once again (again!) the graphics card is doing that thing where it overheats and panics and shuts down my laptop. It’s fine if I’m not using it and just browsing, but like, ANY game is making it angry right now. I’m not sure what I am going to do. Likely, all it needs is for me to take the heat sinks off and apply some fresh thermal paste, but just because I know that’s what probably needs doing doesn’t mean that I have done it before, or feel comfortable doing it. Blargh.

Past that, I’m just like… I wasn’t feeling good when I went out, and I’m not feeling that great right now either. My voice is going and everything. So fingers crossed that a night of sleep does some good in sorting me out. And *shudders and sighs* Vaporub as well. I should probably make a hot date with that.


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