The Tiniest Kidnapper

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Smalls insists that Littler was trying to kidnap her here. I’m not sure how that would actually work, even accounting for how strong Littler is. Still, it was cute, so slap a few stickers on it, and it’s brutally kawaii, ha ha.

I’m feeling really anxious today for some stupid reason. Yes, I have the LEEP/LEETZ tomorrow, but I am hardcore unfussed by it. If I had to stab a guess, I’m going to surmise it might be knock-on from the kiddos getting me wound up yesterday. As long as it doesn’t affect my sleep, I guess I’m not going to dedicate any energy to especially worrying about it (or at least try to; it’s hard to reason with mental illness).

Today has been a researching tech sort of day. Z’s mom decided that Smalls needs a new laptop for her birthday, so we had to see what we liked. We managed to find one we liked on Tesco Direct, so that’s getting ordered. Z also helped finalise what his parents are getting the girls for Christmas, which is a combination of Bluetooth tech so they can get their music on in a myriad of ways.

We also took a look at graphics cards/GPUs. The one in my desktop was new almost 5 years ago, and games that it used to play suddenly are rated too highly for it (the main culprit being Dragon Age: Inquisition). We’re looking to get the GeForce GTX 1050 Expedition, which is a good combination of price point and upgrade. We’re not going to get it now-now, but it’s definitely the main contender as things stand.

Beyond that, I’ve been poking at a Sims 3 legacy a tiny bit, and getting more progress done on my knitting. Mind, it’s a grand total of three inches when the end length is gonna be more like three feet, but it’s a start. It’s a slog, but it’s a relatively enjoyable one… and one that I am going to get back to now. 🙂


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