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Today’s photograph comes to you compliments of my trip to the hospital this morning (more on that in a bit). I was surprised to notice that the street sign appeared to be missing, so I took a picture. After all, my obsession with signs *can* include an absence of, so. Now, imagine my surprise to find out it’s actually been missing for years now. I went and looked on Google Maps to try and find a picture of it… but the most recent (one or two years ago, depending on the angle) were missing the sign as well. I might have to poke Z to include that on his next tirade at Mayor Douche. <__<

But yes, to the hospital this morning! I was in pretty much immediately for my LEEP/LLETZ, and two of the three ladies were the same as last time. It went quickly and cheerfully, and bonus — I got them to take my IUD out at the same time. I asked about endometrial ablation while I was there, and confirmed that basically I need to start the chain at my GP’s office. Fair enough.

Now, the one thing I didn’t have at my appointment and expected to was Z. There was absolutely no parking anywhere on the hospital grounds, so after driving around for half an hour, he went and parked up at one of the blocks we manage to do a site inspection while he was waiting. It wasn’t the end of the world — the staff are top notch sweeties, and I had my DS with me to play some Pokemon Sun for the few minutes they were faffing around under the hood. Keep your fingers crossed for me y’all that the letter I get in a couple of weeks is an all clear, etc.

Anyways, after he picked me up, we went to do a wee bit of Christmas shopping. It was mainly grabbing little things as stocking stuffers for the girls, though we saw more things we’d like to consider buying on a future trip — ‘I should have gotten a trolley!’ Z cried as the arm basket grew heavier. We also treated ourselves to some Subway for lunch, which was nice. We kept forgetting they’d opened up a new location by our old place, so it was nice to check it out.

For now, I’m just sort of crashed out. The numbing agent they had included adrenaline, and while it saw me through a bit of shopping, the second I sat down in my own chair it all went boom. Thankfully I can take it properly easy tomorrow, and I will.


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