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I woke up this morning to my husband gently telling me that my desktop had shit the bed overnight, and what he was going to do about it. Good man, risking my wroth by trying to do something to help me. But also, fuck — this has been a bit of an anno horribilis for me and my computers. I’ve had to replace the GPU on both of them (a bit of bad luck with both of them). Trying to switch to onboard graphics on my desktop broke something and I had to reinstall the OS from scratch, which while never as bad a pain in the ass as I think it’s going to be, is still a pain in the ass (and more so now that we have super-slow living in a village internet). So waking up to my desktop apparently deciding overnight that it didn’t want to boot and the C: drive was locked out was like… whut. I was too annoyed to be annoyed.

Well, That’s Some Shit


As said, that’s some shit.

It is *TOTALLY* some shit. We both girded our loins with caffeine and tried things to avoid the dreaded total OS reinstall. Like, even though I had done a backup a few days ago because I had just upgraded to Windows 10 (yes seriously like in the past week), the fact that I have already once this year had to do a clean install really pissed me off at the thought of doing another one for the things I’d have to rebuild. Sure, I might still have pictures going back to the 90s saved on an external, but I didn’t back up my address book in Thunderbird even though I had to do it once already this year because of this sort of stupid shit. Plus you know, some general being a stubborn shit and not wanting to be beaten down by something breaking.

So, What Now?

We went ahead and ordered a new internal drive and connector for delivery tomorrow. I’ve verified that I have the space and free ports/connections inside of the tower, so this is gonna be my fuck you workaround as I’ve done in the Far Distant Past™®. I’ll suck it up and reinstall the OS… on the new drive. All my files and programs should be fine on the old drive if the claims by troubleshoointg that it is healthy are true. If not, whelp. That goes back to the above ‘well, that’s some shit’ header. Most of my files are safely backed up elsewhere though so I’m not going to lose too much if it comes to having to wipe the drive or chuck it out, but still. Rude.

Ah well, at least I’m a spoiled brat who has a laptop of almost equal (if not slightly greater) awesomeness, so this just means I’m down a machine for like, -a- day at worst.  But hey, some people go out to clubs and bars and shopping and shows, and some of us stay in and make bad-ass tech nests. I know which one I am, and I’m sure as hell unrepentant about it.


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