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I am way, way too amused by the white hair that seems to be trying to leap off of my head. You’re lacking colour, not gravity yo. But it’s fine, really. It just amuses me more than it probably should. It’s been a pretty laid back day all in. I’m still recovering from pushing myself way too hard yesterday. Yes,… Read more »

It Begins

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Well friends, I have thusly stripped all my books off of various shelves. I’ve even made an impressive yeet pile for Z to process through. He’ll be adding to that as he sorts through his books as well. Most will probably go because he already has replaced them on his e-reader, but I’m glad that I was able to get… Read more »


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Today has been my idea of perfect weather — overcast/rainy, breezy/windy… just a bit on the cold side. The air passing through the lounge between windows is fresh and just… wonderful. Having said that, it was probably a bit gross in turns if one had to be out in it, but I didn’t, so. And it helped, alongside work, to… Read more »


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When Mum was around last night, she expressed surprise and delight to see how tidy my efforts have remained. I admit that I too am pleased with having kept things in a more or less static state. There are still bits that are drifting to the bin, but it’s organised enough on the whole to, thus far, discourage letting mess… Read more »

Stack Ems

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I took this yesterday to post on Facebook, so yanno, most of y’all are seeing this again. Ah well. *chuckles* I’m happy to have all the ones I’ve made bordered though, and now I’m bordering them as I complete them. I’m not doing them particularly quickly, but that’s fine too. It’s not about churning them out as fast as possible… Read more »

A Bit of Wonder

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Oh hey, have a half-picture of one side of Mum’s garden. Y’all have probably all seen it before, but at least it ticks my ‘need’ to have a photo with every entry. Not been up to much today, outside of waiting for rain and thunder that seems like it’s never going to come. I really could use a few rumbles… Read more »


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I was over at Mum’s house earlier for my usual Friday hangout when it occurred to me — when was the last time I had a little wander through her garden. Her back garden is an amazing and beautiful thing, easily one of my favourite things to show off to visitors. She’s been hard at work at it fairly quietly,… Read more »


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I’m not sure what it is about my overhead light that provides such shiny effects, but eh. Lookit, I’m all glowly and stuff. You can also make out a few shiny strands that have bleached all the way to the tip, which, yay. My tinsel levels up, slowly. Today has been… okay. Did the work thing. Got my stupid hair… Read more »