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When Mum was around last night, she expressed surprise and delight to see how tidy my efforts have remained. I admit that I too am pleased with having kept things in a more or less static state. There are still bits that are drifting to the bin, but it’s organised enough on the whole to, thus far, discourage letting mess reaccumulate.

I was reminded earlier today how much  I like our neighbours. I mean, I’m reminded of this most days, but S came in briefly because she wanted help in Animal Crossing. She’s not the game-iest of people, but she knows that we’re on the up and up. So she got to come to the familial isle, friend us all, and I’ve put out an all-call to see if any of my friends are still playing, and have room for one more. But yeah, like. People don’t seem to really do the cup of sugar thing anymore in the literal sense, but we definitely help each other out and all that jazz. It’s nice. 🙂

Less nice today… my back. Z ended up doing my postbox run for me, ’cause even with all the pain meds and then some, it was still pretty agonising. A day of being extra mindful to keep my back squished into my chair has made it hurt a bit less, but it’s still pretty annoying. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but yanno… take it as it comes, and will continue to try to not minimise that heeey, it sucks.


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