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I was over at Mum’s house earlier for my usual Friday hangout when it occurred to me — when was the last time I had a little wander through her garden. Her back garden is an amazing and beautiful thing, easily one of my favourite things to show off to visitors. She’s been hard at work at it fairly quietly, ’cause I found all sorts of new-to-me goodies. This was a dubious attempt at a macro shot, otherwise it would’ve probably been the honeysuckle (!!!), or something else.

((I chuffing love honeysuckle. Drinking from the tiny flowers is ever a fond childhood memory-state of mine))

Past that… it’s Friday-yay-Friday. I’m tired. *laughs* I’ve worked hard this week, whether it be trying to find things to clean/throw away, or work, or just… the rest of it… it’s been a lot. Having said that, IO hope to be able to find a few more things to tidy up, because I’m almost to the point where I can strip off the bookshelves and rebuild them. I am going to try to take it easy tonight; I’m trying to remember that I’m a fragile crippled thing, and to not overdo it. But it’s just so encouraging to see that I’m so close to a thing I’ve been wanting/meaning to do for ages.


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