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I’m not sure what it is about my overhead light that provides such shiny effects, but eh. Lookit, I’m all glowly and stuff. You can also make out a few shiny strands that have bleached all the way to the tip, which, yay. My tinsel levels up, slowly.

Today has been… okay. Did the work thing. Got my stupid hair all clean. Remembered to get laundry going in a timely fashion. Can’t complain, yanno? Even had a tiny window of home alone time this morning, ’cause Z took his Mum shopping.

And then I had a smidge of afternoon semi-quietude, ’cause Z took Smalls on the tour of their new school. Yup, kiddo is going up to the next level of school in September. I’m not feeling sentimental about it at this point, but ask me again in a few months. I instead put my brain towards cajoling Smaller to address the cleaning I asked her to do like… 500 times in the past week, and made sure to thank her for it. Even if kids ‘should’ be doing chores, it doesn’t cost anything to be supportive and encouraging. I am hoping that it helps both of them try to develop habits on tidying, and that it keeps all four of us trying to stay on top of mess. I’m hoping to build on that by tackling the set of drawers in here that are nominally for their toys. I started to look at it earlier, but I don’t want Smaller getting upset if I bin something she wanted that she just then realised she wanted. I mean, she’s probably less fussed than all of that, but still.

Right, off to other things. I’ve rambled more than enough.


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