A Bit of Wonder

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Oh hey, have a half-picture of one side of Mum’s garden. Y’all have probably all seen it before, but at least it ticks my ‘need’ to have a photo with every entry.

Not been up to much today, outside of waiting for rain and thunder that seems like it’s never going to come. I really could use a few rumbles in the depths of my soul. At the very least, bringing the humidity back down a smidge would be super appreciated.

Oh, and I guess I’ve just about finished bordering the crochet squares that I have thus far made. I’m on the last one of the existing lot, which… has oddly enough scratched my making itch in just the right way.

Anyways. gonna go zone out, watch the footy, and think about what I can try to tackle tomorrow in the house decrapping stakes. We both took a break today for the most part, and I don’t want to lose momentum (though I recognise that a break is a good thing too).


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