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I am way, way too amused by the white hair that seems to be trying to leap off of my head. You’re lacking colour, not gravity yo. But it’s fine, really. It just amuses me more than it probably should.

It’s been a pretty laid back day all in. I’m still recovering from pushing myself way too hard yesterday. Yes, the end result was more or less worth it,but that didn’t make it any easier to cope with being super ouchy. But some degree of work got done. I had a soak, which probably helped the pain a wee bit. I am definitely taking it easy the next few days so that I have a chance to recover, and hopefully, rub some more spoons together to tackle another part of the house. I’ve got the downstairs bathroom pencilled in, but we also have some minor works that we want to do in there (namely, replacing the toilet with something modern, and replacing the flooring again).

What else… looks like Z and I are in agreement — we’re cancelling our holiday again this year. We’d like to go, but… honestly, I can’t risk getting covid/long covid on top of my chronic fatigue. I’m barely functioning as-is. If the government would quit being so fucking stupid, we could have had this nipped in the butt (bud, I know) a lot sooner. But *anyways*. Hopefully next year.

Gonna go zone out now,’cause I earned it.


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