Funeral for a Friend

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Z and Mum had a funeral to attend; I was invited, but opted to stay home with the kids. I didn’t really know the deceased, and funerals are still a capped affair here in Covid times, but I did make a point to stand outside to see the hearse off (which netted me an unexpected thank you, but really, least I could do for a neighbour).

Of course, not just any neighbour amongst the people that Z has grown up around here — she was the matriarch of the house that he spent the most time at besides his own. She was his Scout leader, etc. So like, definitely a family of choice rather than family of blood thing. I’m glad they could go. I’m glad I could support.

I ended up getting some bonus social out of the situation though. Z asked Smaller’s best friend’s father if he could bring her back from school. My back has been playing up so severely that there is no way I could make it there and back. But they ended up staying for an hour and a bit, and I had a really nice chat with A’s father. It’s nice finding deeper commonality with the people in your life.

Right, gonna go debark from my trousers and put on some shorts before I melt through my chair, and then resume post-dinner zoning out.


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