It Begins

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Well friends, I have thusly stripped all my books off of various shelves. I’ve even made an impressive yeet pile for Z to process through. He’ll be adding to that as he sorts through his books as well. Most will probably go because he already has replaced them on his e-reader, but I’m glad that I was able to get the first wave of stuff sorted without needing his help. For the moment, I’m just trying to think what I’m happy putting on the bookshelves in the hallway, since those are more bare than the main big one in here at this moment (there IS a lot of space on the big one, but there’s still enough stuff that needs processing that it’s best for me to circle back to it).

That’s been the main thing today, atop work and a random social call. Z and Mum have a funeral for a family friend and neighbour on Friday, and one of her sons that Z was especially childhood friendly with popped in to say hi. It makes me happy when Z has visitors;  I sometimes feel like I get a lot more because they have to come from further.

Anyways. deep breath, check wiki for chronological order of the next author I’m tackling, and then onward.


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