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Le socks, they are done. They are probably the closest to an identical match I’ve had so far, which is pleasing, since I wasn’t particularly trying (I never am — I like what comes as comes). Today has been doing the work things, and hunkering down in the a/c. It’s supposed to stay bad all week. Reputedly we’re going to… Read more »


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I’ve been trying to buckle down and get this sock done. I’m not too far off of it… about 15 rows? I don’t know if I’m going to finish that tonight, but at least yanno, getting there. I don’t know what I’m going to afterwards. Obviously, I’ve got a second Who scarf started, and I’m doing blanket squares… but both… Read more »

Thumbs Up

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And not a thumb to be seen in my photo, ha ha. Just yanno, in a cheerful food coma. It’s our anniversary, which means we ordered some takeaway. There was a new-to-us Chinese to try, so that’s always a bit of fun. Past that, we’ve just been chilling and not moving much. It’s hot out there, and the a/c is… Read more »


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I spotted this little beauty growing out of a crack in the road on my way home earlier, and had to get a picture. Mind you, it’s in ‘front’ of a well-loved front garden, so it probably started there and somehow ended up where it did. I hope it manages to be left alone, doing its sunny little thing there…. Read more »


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We all have quite a few stuffed animals stashed around the house, to include the backs of both couches in here. Astrid the Unicorn was a pressie I got from ‘Santa’, while Graeme the Ga-nome was won in a contest from a neighbour who makes gnomes. They make a nice pair, I reckon (and it means that I don’t have… Read more »


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So like, I have these pains in my arms… in my left arm since yesterday, and both today. It’s like… shards under my skin? And weakness? It’s very clearly a fibromyalgia thing, and therefore extra rude. I found one of my fingerless gloves, which has helped brace against the sensation in one arm. I presume the other glove is in… Read more »


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I’m feeling a bit rough today, though I couldn’t pin it to any particular reason. Watching the football meant I was probably asleep around the same time as normal — especially since Smaller came in and wanted cuddles, so I had to put my book away. It’s nothing specific, just generic… leurgh. The humidity isn’t helping either, but I haven’t… Read more »

Families Time

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So yeah, we had a playdate booked with A and her parents on our Minecraft realm. It went on for a good… three hours or so? I was in for most of it, which surprised me; I’ve not been in the mood for it lately. I might pop in again after dinner in my hunt for a not-decimated village… we’ll… Read more »

Funeral for a Friend

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Z and Mum had a funeral to attend; I was invited, but opted to stay home with the kids. I didn’t really know the deceased, and funerals are still a capped affair here in Covid times, but I did make a point to stand outside to see the hearse off (which netted me an unexpected thank you, but really, least… Read more »