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I mean, I know — it’s only been a few days since I did the clear out and sorting, but I’m still chuffed that it’s not collapsed the second I turned my back to it. Of course, I haev to think about how to shift my books a bit to accommodate the to read pile when it joins the read pile that is the rest of my bookshelf. I’ve already got to make one shift when I bring down the book I finished the other night, since there isn’t space where the rest by that author is (but it’s under a pile of singletons, so easy enough to shift one to make room).

For now, just getting my chores for the evening done, ’cause sportsball is in half an hour. I don’t know how I feel… I think I’m just trying to not get too hopeful. We’ll see how it goes, if I’m even up for all of it.  Which is to say, I’m hoping it doesn’t go to extra time, ’cause I’mma be a wreck if I have to keep my eyes open past bedtime. But I probably will, because like. It’s the thing. *chuckles* Like, to the degree that it is literally silent outside; we just took our bins out and like… nothing. No wind, no cars, no voices; Z speculates that everyone is probably already where they are going to be for the night, whether they’re watching or not. I’m not one for jingoism or blind patriotism, but anyways. Sportsball. *jazz hands*


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