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We all have quite a few stuffed animals stashed around the house, to include the backs of both couches in here. Astrid the Unicorn was a pressie I got from ‘Santa’, while Graeme the Ga-nome was won in a contest from a neighbour who makes gnomes. They make a nice pair, I reckon (and it means that I don’t have to try and find another locale for them… for now… ha ha).

I was really pleased earlier — I spotted some tube bandages and slapped them on my arms. I’m slightly overwarm from it, but the pain/sensation seems to be mainly contained with a bit of pressure. At least, it’s pushed back enough that I’m not thinking about it too much if I’m keeping my brain busy.

But the aforementioned pleasure came on the back of getting a thing done. While it absolutely needs a deep clean, the downstairs bathroom is more or less tidy. It’s not like it’s a hard room to clean, but like… life with kids makes it very difficult to keep things tidy. *chuckles* I’m trying hard to keep on top of the tiny bits of tidying that will hopefully keep entropy from engulfing my space. I’m trying hard to encourage everyone else to develop the habits so we can continue swinging things around to less cluttered. But I’m also not trying to think about it overmuch either, ’cause I don’t have many spoons and I’ve probably been overdoing it a lot the past week or so. *eyes arms* If only my body would give me clues.


The cleaning also reminded Z and I about our discussion with Mum on Sunday. The plan has always been to extend out the downstairs toilet to include a shower, and to enclose the current doorstep as an entryway. We’re thinking… maybe now is the time. We’ll have to put heads together and get a plan together, but the prospect is a pleasing one.

Right, I’m off.


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