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So like, I have these pains in my arms… in my left arm since yesterday, and both today. It’s like… shards under my skin? And weakness? It’s very clearly a fibromyalgia thing, and therefore extra rude. I found one of my fingerless gloves, which has helped brace against the sensation in one arm. I presume the other glove is in the same vicinity of where the first was, but I don’t think I could bear to have both arms covered.

Add that on top of the injury that is waking up so exhausted that it’s a real battle to not go back to sleep. I won in the end, and managed a satisfying day of work, but still. It gets frustrating haunting this increasingly dodgy meatsack.

Anyways. Put it to the side, take a deep breath… and go back to trying to keep my brain occupied instead of fret-lamenting.


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