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I spotted this little beauty growing out of a crack in the road on my way home earlier, and had to get a picture. Mind you, it’s in ‘front’ of a well-loved front garden, so it probably started there and somehow ended up where it did. I hope it manages to be left alone, doing its sunny little thing there.

I was on the way back from Mum’s, which was… well. One of the neighbours was there when I arrived and it ended up with a nearly 2 hour ‘debate’ about Covid and vaccines. I got him to utter the words ‘vaccines work’ amidst his denialism, and a few other bits of cognitive dissonance. I was relieved when, relating this to Z, he said he’d had a similar run-in with this person earlier in the pandemic. So that was… nice isn’t the right word, but… validating? I managed to keep it polite but not let him take all the high ground, so. Like, implying that he got all his stuff from government scientists, and I got mine from the news when like… dude, I don’t even have to go to the government websites to know you’re talking shite. But ANYWAYS.

Past that, just glad that it’s the weekend. The week went fast enough that I legit thought yesterday was Wednesday instead of Thursday. I’ve no plans for the weekend besides gaming, zoning out, and staying in the a/c. So yanno, gonna go do that.


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