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Click Click

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One of my least redeeming features is when my anxiety pushes past the point of reason. There is a very good chance that I will start screaming and throwing things and just generally flipping out because of the level of mental and physical distress it puts me in. Between a needy toddler and a shouty cat, I kind of started… Read more »


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Smallhausen has a lot of fear-anxiety in her. It’s something that we as her parents understand, because it’s a problem we have as well. The only difference is that we have more years of experience with it, so we can sort of work with/around it. For her, it still pushes her into total shutdown panic, and it takes a lot… Read more »

Just Me Today

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It’s Sunday. Which means I’m suffering low-grade depression and anxiety because my body apparently is programmed for such on a Sunday night, never mind there is absolutely no logical reason for it. But then, that’s the problem of those things… they tend to defy logic. I guess this week it’s sliiiiiiiiightly more reasonable because I’m going into work a day… Read more »

One Thing Went Right Today

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Another day, another day my new Pokémon didn’t arrive. Again. Even I’m starting to get pissed off. Z called Amazon again and cancelled the order, and immediately re-ordered it. He saved £2, and it was guaranteed tomorrow delivery from an Amazon courier, not Royal Mail. Also, he go ta £5 voucher, and a free month of Prime out of the… Read more »

Future Order from Minor Disaster

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My desk has hit that sort of overgrown state again that happens when I keep piling stuff on it. Funny how that works. *cough* It’ll be a bit better once I get it crammed into my knitting bag for tomorrow… which I will hopefully tonight. We’ve got a very early start to make tomorrow to drive across to visit Riath… Read more »

I Made It!

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Not gonna lie — I was really freaking anxious about going to Stitch ‘n Bitch tonight. E couldn’t make it, so I was flying solo. I really, *REALLY* did not want to deal with the person I had a conflict with, and moreso without support. So deities were awesome, and that person was not there tonight. She reputedly phoned in… Read more »

Fistful of Tiny Hats

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Today has been a good day. Even if I had to leave the house. We went over to E’s house so the kids could play, and I didn’t fall to pieces over her like I feared I would. We’d not hung out in person since Woolgate (as I’m calling it), though we’ve done our usual few lines of chatting most… Read more »

Darn It

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That’s… seriously been the extent of my ‘creative’ today. I was folding laundry and noticed one of my few sweaters had a little hole in the arm, so I brought it downstairs to mend it. I don’t know that it’s the tidiest mend. This is a shot of the inside, and it looks pretty okay there, but it’s slightly puckered… Read more »

Hats Go Marching On

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Yeah yeah yeah, more little tiny hats. I’m starting to see where the pattern repeats give or take, which is fun to watch. ESPECIALLY when there’s a chance it won’t be a ‘proper’ repeat. I have to say, doing these in variegated wool keeps it a lot more interesting than single-coloured wool. Past that, just doing my best to be… Read more »