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img_20161105_201502264That’s… seriously been the extent of my ‘creative’ today. I was folding laundry and noticed one of my few sweaters had a little hole in the arm, so I brought it downstairs to mend it. I don’t know that it’s the tidiest mend. This is a shot of the inside, and it looks pretty okay there, but it’s slightly puckered on the right side. Oh well.

img_20161105_160258503 img_20161105_201911107Oh, I *did* ‘design’ a room for my Minecraft game. I tend to build lots of roads and houses upon them, and the current house is in a frozen biome. So I had already set up one room for my main underground farm, while this is one for melons and pumpkins.

Now, the balled up wool there is the boucle that Littlerbit filched out of the bags I sent off to the pub. I figured that I would do some tiny hats with it, but I’m not too sure now. It’s sort of fiddly. I managed to cast on and knit a few stitches before my brain exploded, but I’m still thinking I’ll try again. The pictures I’ve seen of it in use looks great, so making tiny hats that could be used for both smoothies and preemie babies out of really nice wool… we’ll see.


Beyond that, we decided we were going to watch Jurassic Park today. I’d recently finished re-reading the book, so it seemed like a good idea. The kids weren’t into it and were being loud and a bit annoying, but so it goes. I think we’re going to make a point to watch all four of the Jurassic films, which is likely to be hilarious. I saw The Lost World once a loooong time ago (which bears almost no resemblance to the book), but only recently found out about the third with the release of Jurassic World.


My count as of this morning was 15,563. It is currently at 4,827 for the day, somehow. The upshot of doing this in my personal therapy space is that when the children annoy me so hardcore that I have a climbing the ceiling, trying to not scream and cry anxiety spike that I can write it out and fill my word quota. Wha? #brightside, ha ha. Naw like, I’m pleased with myself in that I can knock this out the fastest I’ve done a NaNo, even if it’s not a story, just my brain weasels. I hope that I can keep up the momentum and call it done sooner rather than later.

For now, gonna try to hit that last stretch to 5,000, ignoring my wool, and getting my game on.


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