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img_20161106_154641822*waves* We have had company today. One of Z’s friends from when he lived abroad is fairly local doing a study course, so we invited him around to hang out. It’s been a nice day of chilling out and chatting, which means I don’t have overmuch to chatter about here. We played silly video games, we chatted, the children climbed all over the things, and little knitting or individual gaming was done. I have managed to eke out 3,593 words today for my fake NaNoWriMo, so there’s that at least. It ended up 6,015 last night (up to 21,578 total!), and while I don’t expect to hit that, I guess a part of me hopes that I will manage to stretch and hit 5,000 after finishing this up.

But I guess I should say that today was cool insomuch that the friend hanging out is a friend and old roommate of Z’s. Most of the people who randomly come to visit are my friends from all over the world, so he’s met and befriended lots of my people. And while I have slowly been absorbed into the local social circle due to being yanno, local, I especially treasure the randoms of his I’ve met here and there over the years. They help to remind me why I love him, as silly as that might sound, but like… it’s a part of his life I’ve not as of yet experienced when it comes to these folk, so seeing them and seeing him reflected in them… is good. 🙂

Right, back to vaguely socialising and trying to eke out a few more words (and maybe a tiny bit more knitting too).


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