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It’s Sunday. Which means I’m suffering low-grade depression and anxiety because my body apparently is programmed for such on a Sunday night, never mind there is absolutely no logical reason for it. But then, that’s the problem of those things… they tend to defy logic. I guess this week it’s sliiiiiiiiightly more reasonable because I’m going into work a day next week, but like. Really. Z picks the day that the least number of people are going to be in our particular office so that I’m not stressing over the noise and visual pollution that entails. And really, I’m going to be there to do a specific thing that is going to keep me busy that I’m looking forward to doing, so like… try again, brain. ¬¬

Really, I’ve just been chilling here (in one of my hand knits, holla) spending all day trying to get -a- Shiny Pokémon, ’cause I keep being too optimistic on how quickly that chain could complete. Having said that, I can hope that the power of Complaining to the Internet (writing this) will force the game into compliance. Or something. I’ve done a tiny bit of knitting, enough to get a better idea on how many stitches my squares should be across if I decide to do some on a not-bias. I would like to do them lots of different ways to make for an interesting blanket, so.We’ll see how that goes, once I get the PokéMonkey off of my back. *whistles*

Right, I’m off.


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